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COVID-19 Parents’ Package At Home Discussion 中文版

It is good for children to understand more about the disease. To know how to face it instead of knows nothing.

Sometimes I find that some kids just follow what adults say but cannot understand why. It’s good for a family that children know how to do and know the reason.

I wrote a quarantine parents’ package on Feb. 4th for my Taiwanese friends. At that moment, they were quarantining and facing school closure.
There are some differences now. Therefore, I re-edit the package and translate it into English.

8+ years 50-60mins
5-6 years 15mins films with explain + 15 mins discussion
pause anytime when your kids cannot understand

1.calm down and peaceful remind kids to focus on two parts
(1)what is already know
(2)what is unknown and need to be confirmed.

If you have enough time. Watch the film alone with yourself first, then watch accompany your children.
60 Minutes

You don’t have to ask all the questions. There is no right or wrong answer. Notice your own tone and facial expression. Try your best to keep the discussion going on.
Too much new information might make your children feel tired. However, you can pause anytime and resume to suit kids’ conditions. Remember, you will never have enough time. But you can do your best. Better than know nothing.

*What sentences did you hear from the film?
*What pictures did you remember?
*What makes you worried?
*What makes you scared?
*What makes you feel unsafe?
*What is the fact and already know
*What is uncertain and need to be confirmed
*Base on the fact, what can we do now?
*What should we keep noticing?


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